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Fikurì Bottle - Tenuta del Duca

From the alchemy of colors and flavors of Sicily, Fikurí® is born, an artisanal liqueur obtained from the essence of prickly pears, collected directly on our estate.

Piana degli Albanesi dress - Tenuta del Duca

We drew inspiration from the fruit symbol of our wonderful land, letting ourselves be involved in its sweetness and genuineness. Fikurì is an intense, creamy prickly pear liqueur with a unique and inimitable flavor . Ideal as a dessert but also as a digestive after a meal. Great for making original cocktails in the company of friends.

For the Fikurí label, we were inspired by one of the color shades of the sumptuous traditional dress arbëreshë , one of a kind. A vivid color that stands out and strikes just like the women of Piana degli Albanesi, defined as “women clothed with the sun”, who with their clothes represent that radiant sun that characterizes us. A shade of color that blends tradition and innovation, our strengths.

Buy Fikurí®, our artisanal liqueur with prickly pears, keep it in the freezer and serve it chilled to your guests in special moments.

Pattern Fikurì - Tenuta del Duca