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Oro di Piana , our liquid gold in the bottle, essential for our well-being and ally of youth. Our oil has a limited production and is Certified IGP Sicily , high quality guarantee mark issued by the European Union.

Pattern Oro - Tenuta del Duca


Green Gold, the color of our oil

As precious as the knowledge handed down for five centuries, a treasure trove of priceless knowledge. As unique as the hand-embroidered gold of the arbëreshë traditional dresses. Artistic masterpieces that still represent one of the distinctive elements of our identity today. Oro di Piana encompasses our most ancient traditions combined with a vision oriented towards innovation and alignment with the most current production protocols.


Quality made in Sicily

Our oil comes from a multicultivar of native varieties Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Giarraffa. A limited production as it presupposes everything that is precious and unique. Working on a small scale allows us to give every single tree the care it deserves.

Liquid gold in the bottle, essential for our well-being and ally of youth. IGP Sicily Certificate, high quality guarantee mark issued by the European Union, as proof of an inseparable link with the territory of origin and a consolidated and codified production tradition.

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dense, green, with golden reflections

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intense, vegetable, tomato, herb, artichoke

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structured with hints of tomato, spinach, rosemary

Extra virgin olive oil is the most used condiment in the Mediterranean diet. Clinical and epidemiological studies highlight its organoleptic and nutritional qualities, which make it by far the most suitable for human consumption of all highly consumed dietary fats. The reason is simple: extra virgin olive oil is the only oil to be produced only by pressing the olives, without the help of chemical solvents.

A “juice” that transfers all the precious substances contained in olives to the oil, with proven beneficial effects on human health.

The olive harvest is the most awaited moment of the year, a point of arrival and a new beginning. The period runs from 15th September to 19th October. It is carried out strictly by hand, to preserve the fruit and not compromise its integrity. The olives are placed in perforated boxes suitable to keep them ventilated. The milling is carried out within 6 hours of harvesting and with a continuous cold cycle extraction (two phases). As soon as it is extracted it is stored in silos under nitrogen in a thermo-conditioned environment.


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Oil master Fausto Borella - Tenuta del Duca
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Pattern Oro - Tenuta del Duca
“Vineyard planted by me, mulberry tree by my father, olive tree by my grandfather: because olive trees are like this, they accompany families for generations and generations”